Board of Governance

The Doctors with M.E. Board of Governance is responsible for the overall strategy, delivery and administration of the organisation.

Dr. K.N. Hng


ST7 General Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology (Ret)
Author of ‘Doctor with M.E.: My journey with “Chronic Fatigue


Dr. K.N. Hng is a British physician with ME/CFS. After falling ill with M.E. she authored the books Doctor with M.E.: My journey with “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, and M.E. and Me: A Doctor’s Struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for medical audiences.

Dr. Hng contributes to research, education and other collaborations. She led a group submission by over twenty experts, scientists, organisations and patients to NICE for the consultation on their new ME/CFS guideline.

Dr. Hng has produced many other resources which she makes available for free.  These resources are continually updated, and many are also available in multiple languages, with translation work ongoing.  This includes dissemination via one of the largest online communities focused on ME/CFS, which she established.

Dr. Nina Muirhead


Dermatology Surgeon, Chair of CFS/ME Research Collaborative Medical Education Working Group, Forward ME representative, Expert Witness, UK National Institute of Health and Care Excellence.

BA(Oxon), BMBCh(Oxon), MRCS, DOHNS, MEd, PGDipDerm

Dr. Nina Muirhead is a Dermatology Surgeon at the Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and is a founding contributor to Doctors with M.E. Since becoming ill with M.E. in September 2016, she has done much to raise awareness of M.E., speaking and writing in various forums in the UK and abroad, including the Cambridge GP Society, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Royal College of Physicians and the British Medical Journal.

Dr. Muirhead is Chair of the CFS/ME Research Collaborative (CMRC) Medical Education Working Group and a member of the Forward ME group of UK ME charities. She is also author of the free ME/CFS online training module on Study PRN, which carries 1 CPD credit. Dr. Muirhead is active in research and education, and supervises several medical students on their projects on ME/CFS.

Dr. Keith Geraghty


Honorary Research Fellow, Centre for Primary Care and Health Services Research, Faculty of Biology Medicine and Health, University of Manchester, Co-lead, NICE GDG commissioned Severe ME Research Group

BSc, BSc, PgDip, MPH, PhD

Dr. Keith Geraghty works as an honorary research fellow at the University of Manchester Centre for Primary Care and Health Services Research and is a founding contributor to Doctors with M.E. He studied at Cardiff University to PhD level, before going on to undertake medicine at the University of Leicester on their graduate-entry MBBS programme. Sadly he had to discontinue his medical studies and training after suffering ME/CFS for a number of years.

Keith holds Bachelor degrees in Management and Life Sciences (1st class), a Masters Diploma in Research Methods, a Masters of Public Health and a Doctorate in NHS Organisational Behaviour. He started his academic career as a research assistant at Imperial College London. He later joined the University of Manchester as a research associate and is currently Honorary Research Fellow. More recently, he has also worked with the ME/CFS Biobank team at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

He has written over 20 papers and articles on ME/CFS. He is an expert peer reviewer for the Cochrane Collaboration, the Medical Research Council, the National Institute for Health Research and a number of scientific journals. He is an associate editor of the journals BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, the Journal of Health Psychology and Fatigue: Biomedicine Health and Behaviour. ME/CFS and medically unexplained symptoms are a major part of his ongoing research work.

Dr Richard Ramyar

Dr. Richard Ramyar

Chair and Strategy Advisor

Strategy, Policy and Compliance Consultant, Financial Economist, Technologist and Visiting Scholar at the London Institute of Banking and Finance

LLB (Merit), MBA, PhD, ACE, PCA

Dr. Richard Ramyar is a Visiting Scholar at the London Institute of Banking and Finance and is a founding contributor to Doctors with M.E. His post-doctoral studies into ME/CFS include a pre-pandemic special interest in the industry and macroeconomic implications of public policy versus post-viral diseases, and he has written well received BMJ blog responses.

Dr. Ramyar has held leadership roles in buy and sell-side capital markets product and consulting firms, with top-table regulatory experience to industry and expert witness presentation to legislators, government and regulators. Digital, fintech and regtech before the terms existed, his open source experience has been commercialised since the 1990s. He holds law, MBA and PhD degrees and industry-leading cloud and artificial intelligence architecture certifications.