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To improve patient outcomes worldwide by empowering medics, scientists and policymakers with up-to-date practices and scientific rigour, fostering collaboration between professionals, the industries they serve, patients and the public.

To build a future where every surgery, hospital, agency, insurance provider and employer is enabled with accurate information that supports their patients, clients, shareholders and wider stakeholders.

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Doctors with M.E. empowers medics, scientists, industry and policymakers with evidence based practices and scientific rigour, distributing regionally produced content to a global audience. As the international umbrella body representing our professions, we bring the state of the art to ME medical practice, research and policy.

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Associate and Affiliate Registration
  • General Practitioners
  • Health care professionals who have ME / long covid or who care for someone
  • Practitioners who treat ME / long covid
  • Researchers and scientists in the field
  • Medical educators in the field
  • Medical and public health students
  • Individuals who demonstrate basic understanding of ME
Compliance and Policy Affiliates
  • Compliance professionals
  • Legal professionals
  • Practice management professionals
  • Policy makers and regulators
Corporate Registration
  • Corporate Partners
  • Healthcare establishments
  • Medical education establishments
  • Organisations dependent on medical advice (education establishments, social care, employers, etc)
Supporter Registration
  • Professions dependent on medical advice (educators, social care workers, employers, etc)
  • Patients, carers, families and friends

Learn about M.E.

If you are a health care professional, teacher, social care worker, employer, carer or family member working with an ME patient, sign up to learn about ME.

Our Code

The Doctors with M.E. Registrant Code is composed of two parts:

  • Our Code of Ethics and Conduct, which our Registrants must adhere to
  • Our Application Policy, which guides our wider decision making and interpretation of our Code of Ethics and Conduct

These are pursuant to our obligations under statute and wider professional standards.

Registrants of Doctors with M.E. will:

  • Support and promote our mission and vision
  • Observe ethical principles and conduct in any clinical / scientific / medical / educational research, practice, communication or audit
  • Uphold and promote the highest scientific standards and probity
  • Behave with integrity and probity in any field of work or conduct
  • Treat fellows, associates, affiliates, collaborators, partners, supporters or any other party to a DwME relationship with courtesy and respect
  • Treat patients and research subjects with courtesy and respect
  • Not bring themselves or Doctors with M.E. into disrepute in any physical or online fora
  • Not use the Doctors with M.E. logo without explicit permission from its Board of Governance

Anyone found to be in breach of this Code of Ethics in any part of their professional or other conduct, whether related to DwME or not, is likely to be expelled or have their contracts with DwME terminated without warning and at the entire discretion of the DwME Governance Board.

This agreement applies to both individual and corporate registrants. The Code of Ethics and Conduct or other relevant documentation may be updated from time to time, and it is the registrant’s responsibility to keep up-to-date with any changes, as published on our website.

We welcome all applications for registration.

Analogous to frontline services and other organisations, we are bound by statutory requirements that govern our decisions. These require us to:

  1. not assume unnecessary risks or liabilities.
  2. not undermine the defined statutory community interest that our mission and vision serve.

We are thus required to reject applications from individuals who risk breaching these obligations. In particular, we are obligated to exclude individuals or organisations that have prejudicially low standards of scientific process, probity or discipline. We may also require demonstration of significant adoption of requisite standards and/or specific public repudiation of past failings in the field.

These requirements, or others that the Board deem necessary, are determined by the scientifically prejudicial and discriminatory history of this field. High profile and/or insistent examples of contra-scientific behaviour have undermined the field. These include promotion of low standards, misselling of conclusions, interference in careers of scientists who insist upon minimal standards or manipulation of review mechanisms to evade scientific process. This has even included examples of temporary interest in scientific consensus, which is later replaced by highly publicised reversion to very low standards without scientific accountability.

This list of events and their risks of reoccurence is not exhaustive.

…this condition has been so mismanaged throughout medicine. What’s the sociology behind this? How did we remain ignorant for so long?”

Dr. Steve Olson, Kaiser Permanente, Director, Northern California Region

We are listening to legitimate questions and concerns about science.”

Professor Chris Ponting, Geneticist, University of Edinburgh

“I split my clinical time between two illnesses and I can tell you, if I had to choose between the two illnesses, I would rather have H.I.V.”

Professor Nancy Klimas, Physician, Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine

“…it is already now time for the medical profession as well as the whole society to repent.”

Professor Ola Didrik Saugstad, WHO Advisor

“People become traumatized by debilitating ME and then become traumatized again by the reaction to them by people who don’t understand.”

Professor Leonard Jason, Director of Center for Community Research

“…there is no question that there are a considerable number of individuals who have a post-viral syndrome highly suggestive of myalgic encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome, this is something we really need to seriously look at.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director, NAID, US NIH, on Long Covid

“ME/CFS is a biological illness, not a psychologic disorder. Patients with ME/CFS are neither malingering nor seeking secondary gain”

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention