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The global professional association for medical practitioners, scientists and researchers in the field of myalgic encephalomyelitis.

The leading international experts in the field of post-viral disease and related conditions.

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To improve patient outcomes worldwide by empowering medics, scientists and policymakers with up-to-date practices and scientific rigour, fostering collaboration between professionals, the industries they serve, patients and the public.

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We build a future where every surgery, hospital, agency, insurance provider and employer is enabled with accurate information that supports their patients, clients, shareholders and wider stakeholders.

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Who we are

Doctors with M.E. is the global professional association of medical practitioners, scientists and researchers in the field, bringing together leading experts and the pre-pandemic quarter of a million healthcare professionals with ME.

What we do

Doctors with M.E. empowers medics, scientists, industry and policymakers with evidence based practices and scientific rigour, distributing regionally produced content to a global audience as the umbrella body representing our professions.

What is ME?

Myalgic encephalomyelitis is a complex, chronic, multi-system physical disease which causes unusually severe disability and can affect people of any age or demographic, including children. ME is often referred to by the problematic legacy term “chronic fatigue syndrome” or ME/CFS.

Our code

The Doctors with M.E. Code is composed of our Code of Ethics and Conduct and our Application Policy, pursuant to our obligations under statute and wider professional standards.

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Bringing the state of the art to ME/CFS medical practice, research and policy

ME is one of the great public health challenges of our age. Unusually disabling, misunderstood and maligned. The evidence is that both diagnosis and management are too often driven by lack of medical knowledge and misconceptions

Key stats


individual cases globally (pre pandemic)

Long Covid prevalence rates that meet ME diagnostic criteria are not yet quantified


healthcare worker cases globally (pre pandemic)

Long Covid prevalence rates that meet ME diagnostic criteria are not yet quantified


article assessment corroborating regulatory failure of medical norms

US Institute of Medicine assessment of ME systemic exertion intolerance


regulatory failure of medical norms

BPS papers ranked 87% very low quality, 13% low quality in UK NICE assessment

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Public Letter to RCPCH: DwME Associate and Neurodisability Paediatrician Dr. Ben Marsh calls for explanation

A call for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to explain undermining of scientific review Doctors with M.E. Associate, Neurodisability Paediatrician and representative on the JLA Priority Setting Partnership Steering Group, Dr. Ben Marsh, has publicly written to the President of The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH). He requested an explanation for the College’s…

The NICE debacle – will NICE survive?

The current NICE debacle and extraordinary deviation from normal procedure and published protocol is further evidence of institutionalised discrimination by large sections of the UK medical establishment.  That one professional and patient group should be treated in a manner at odds with clear and growing scientific knowledge would be unacceptable in any other disease.  Yet…

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Webinar Training Series: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: “How the Paradigm has Shifted”

We are pleased to announce a brand new webinar series organised by partner organisation Hope 4 ME & Fibro Northern Ireland, in association with many respected organisations including Doctors with M.E., the Workwell Foundation and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Running now until 6th October 2021. Sign up for a weekly programme…

Doctors with M.E. Honorary Fellow and founding father of the Human Genome Project comments on the NICE pause – “it is time for the UK to join the rest of the scientific community”

Doctors with M.E. Honorary Fellow Professor Ron Davis has issued a powerful statement condemning the failure of the UK National Institute of Clinical and Care Excellence to maintain its independence. He describes how it has instead accommodated vested interests, which perpetuate low standards and contra-scientific medical belief systems. “It is a travesty that NICE is…

Founding father of Human Genome Project joins Doctors with M.E. with leading evidence based policy expert as Honorary Fellows

Doctors with M.E. today formally announces two Honorary Fellows, recognised for the value of their contributions to ME/CFS scientific progress, Professors Ron Davis and Brian Hughes. Professor Ron Davis is a global authority on biochemistry, genetics and genomics, Director of the Stanford Genome Technology Center (SGTC) at Stanford University and Director of the Scientific Advisory…

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A Review of ME/CFS: Past, Present and Future

Science’s rejection of psychological dogma Doctors with M.E. Honorary Fellow Dr. Nigel Speight co-authors a newly published opinion piece that discusses the past, present and possible future of ME/CFS. In order to give context as to how ME/CFS came to be incorrectly viewed as a psychological disorder, the article draws on previous historical examples of…

Global scientific communities and clinicians urge NICE to Publish ME/CFS Guideline now

Doctors with M.E. Board, Fellows & Associates are co-signatories to a public letter written by Dr. David Tuller of the Center of Global Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley. The letter writes to urge NICE to publish the new ME/CFS guideline. It is signed by scientists, clinicians, academics and other experts from the…

BBC Radio 4: Doctors with M.E. feature on flagship Woman’s Hour

ME, Long Covid and the NICE Guideline 2021 Delay Doctors with M.E. Director, Dr. Nina Muirhead, and Doctors with M.E Honorary Fellow and Action for ME Medical Advisor, Dr. David Strain, discuss ME/CFS, Long Covid, the NICE guideline delay and the need for more education and resources in an interview on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s…

Mayo Clinic: ME/CFS Essentials of Diagnosis and Management Consensus Statement

This comprehensive article, co-authored by Doctors With M.E. Honorary Fellows, Dr. Lucinda Bateman and Professor Anthony Komaroff, summarises best clinical practice recommendations for generalist and specialist health care providers treating adults affected by ME/CFS. The article covers epidemiology, prognosis, etiology and pathophysiology, diagnostic approach with new diagnostic criteria, and management of ME/CFS. The clinicians behind…

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Public Letter to DHSC, MHRA, HoC, NICE: Call for a ‘Medical Regulatory Agency’

A call for change in the face of long-standing regulatory failure The following public communication from our Governance Board regards the opportunity for a new “Medical Regulatory Agency”, ready for the post-brexit and the machine learning digital eras.  The letter also contains background pertaining to long-standing regulatory failure, unlawful medical norms, contra-scientific medical belief systems and…

…this condition has been so mismanaged throughout medicine. What’s the sociology behind this? How did we remain ignorant for so long?”

Dr. Steve Olson, Kaiser Permanente, Director, Northern California Region

We are listening to legitimate questions and concerns about science.”

Professor Chris Ponting, Geneticist, University of Edinburgh

“I split my clinical time between two illnesses and I can tell you, if I had to choose between the two illnesses, I would rather have H.I.V.”

Professor Nancy Klimas, Physician, Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine

“…it is already now time for the medical profession as well as the whole society to repent.”

Professor Ola Didrik Saugstad, WHO Advisor

“People become traumatized by debilitating ME and then become traumatized again by the reaction to them by people who don’t understand.”

Professor Leonard Jason, Director of Center for Community Research

“…there is no question that there are a considerable number of individuals who have a post-viral syndrome highly suggestive of myalgic encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome, this is something we really need to seriously look at.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director, NAID, US NIH, on Long Covid

“ME/CFS is a biological illness, not a psychologic disorder. Patients with ME/CFS are neither malingering nor seeking secondary gain”

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention