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Project Florence Grant – Unified Digital Platform for Postviral Disease Professionals and Practitioners

Education, Collaboration and Initiative

Following a generous private grant of resources targeted specifically at Project Florence, we are proud to publicly announce the initiative, which is now moving into a test phase following pandemic driven delays.

Doctors with M.E. Registrants and will benefit from a new digital platform that unifies education resources, course generation and corporate collaboration. Named after Florence Nightingale, the project will also deliver brainstorming, content creation and ‘war room’ capabilities for targeted and media outcomes. Organised around task-focused groups, the final platform will offer efficient coordination of projects, and joint ventures in a secured environment.

A requirement of the grant was maximisation of our professionals’ creativity and impact in a safe environment, building in freedom from the chance of external parties coming into possession of incomplete information (who may inadvertently undermine critical initiatives, unaware of contributors, workflow prioritisation or external relationships). Project Florence will also continue professional and externally qualified assessment of cybersecurity events and requirements.

of our organisational capabilities accounts for challenges unique to the field of postviral disease, illuminated by proactive failings in Long Covid (PASC) policy. Normalised disinformation supplied to makers and media remains a to taxpayers and shareholders, despite its legal and unscientific unsustainability. This is rooted in high profile contra-scientific activism against scientists, practitioners and expert witnesses, including against our Registrants and Honorary Fellows. The new platform’s objectives will be guided and usage will be governed by the Doctors with M.E. Code.

Access to our new platform will be gradually rolled out in coming months, dependent on the pandemic’s effects on our professionals and staff. Features will also be added over time.