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Doctors with M.E. : The first international professional association for doctors and experts in the field of post-viral disease is launched

The new Doctors with M.E. website has been launched, continuing the steady rollout of our mission. We were honoured that Hever Castle and Gardens celebrated the upcoming launch of our professional association by illuminating the castle in blue last May. Hever Castle and Gardens is one of the UK’s foremost tourist locations, the home of Anne Boleyn and later home to the Astors (complete with disabled parking and facilities).

Doctors with M.E. is the global professional association for medical practitioners and scientists in the field. We are a unique authority on myalgic encephalomyelitis and those ‘long covid’ patients acknowledged by NIH, NIAID and BMA narratives to risk progress to this neuroimmune disease.

We are an umbrella institution, bringing together the leading experts, regional associations and the quarter of a million healthcare professionals with ME that already existed pre-pandemic. With professional backgrounds developed in hospitals, surgeries, universities, financial services and think-tanks, our range of expertise is both specific and multidisciplinary.

The first global professional association in the field, we are also the first to be established and led by medics and experts who suffer from ME themselves, are carers or have a professional interest.

Social media presence reflecting that pre-launch illumination can be found at: