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Doctor with M.E.: My Journey with “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

Doctors with M.E. Founder Dr. K.N. Hng shares her story of learning and suffering from ME/CFS in this engaging, thought provoking and concise book. With humanity, wit, and links to a variety of resources, she brings her own journey as a medic to life.

A must read springboard for health care professionals learning about ME/CFS, available in hardcopy and Kindle formats in a growing number of languages:

“I have a story to tell. There are many things in here which I am not at all comfortable sharing, yet I want to tell the whole story. Therefore I have decided to share them. I hope doing so will help educate, inform and raise awareness. From my own experience, both as a doctor and then as a patient, this condition is poorly understood. After all, isn’t everyone tired all the time?

Preface – Doctors with M.E.: My Journey with “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

Reaction from the medical community and patients

Heart-breaking… vivid imagery… Your story will enlighten many who question the existence of ME.”

Dr. S. Chauwan, Consultant Neurologist

For the first time I feel like this is a serious illness.”

Dr. Deepak Nama, Consultant Respiratory and Acute Medicine

The fact that Dr. Hng had to suffer for so long before being diagnosed is a serious reflection on current medical education in the UK.”

Dr. Nigel Speight, Doctors with M.E. Honorary Fellow, Consultant Paediatrician and ME specialist

I dare anyone who reads it to conclude it’s all in her head.

Jackie, Patient

This book is a must for patients and doctors alike…It explores the tortuous journey of a doctor with ME, the long and difficult journey, and the lack of research, treatment and training for medical professionals. I will be giving this to my GP for future reference.

Mrs Helen Jane Smith, Patient
Dr. Hng Book Dr with ME Jounrney

Dr. K.N. Hng


ST7 General Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology (Ret)
Author of ‘Doctor with M.E.: My journey with “Chronic Fatigue


Dr. K.N. Hng is a British physician with ME/CFS. After falling ill with M.E. she authored the books Doctor with M.E.: My journey with “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, and M.E. and Me: A Doctor’s Struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for medical audiences.

Dr. Hng contributes to research, education and other collaborations. She led a group submission by over twenty experts, scientists, organisations and patients to NICE for the consultation on their new ME/CFS guideline.

Dr. Hng has produced many other resources which she makes available for free.  These resources are continually updated, and many are also available in multiple languages, with translation work ongoing.  This includes dissemination via one of the largest online communities focused on ME/CFS, which she established.