Reference Text: ME/CFS/PVFS – An Exploration of the Key Clinical Issues

The “Purple Book” – a benchmark text for clinicians and practitioners

This guide, co-authored by Doctors with M.E. Honorary Fellow Dr. Charles Shepherd and Neurologist Dr. Abhijit Chaudhuri, provides a comprehensive review of research, diagnosis, symptoms, and all aspects of management regarding /CFS/PVFS. It is an essential evidenced-based summary for all health professionals and patients to learn more about this debilitating neurological disease and to keep up with medicine’s adoption of the scientific literature.

Regularly updated and available in Kindle and hard copy formats, the Association provides free hard copies of this guide to health professionals and medical students..

“Clinically, /CFS is a heterogenous, multifactorial and complex disorder that does not have a disease-specific biomarker. In these respects, it is very similar to neurological diseases such as migraine and multiple sclerosis.”

“A positive diagnosis of /CFS should be made on the basis of the characteristic clinical features that are almost always present – exercise-induced fatigue, post-exertional malaise/symptom exacerbation, cognitive dysfunction, orthostatic intolerance, on-going like symptoms and unrefreshed sleep – often in conjunction with other common symptoms.”

Chaudhuri and Shepherd


A free to read excerpt is available here (the current edition may be updated since)

Dr. Charles Shepherd

Honorary Fellow

Honorary Medical Adviser to the UK Association, Frequent government advisor, Co-author, Leading Clinical Reference Book, Committee Member, Guideline Development Committee